Our prime objective at the Coffee Import group has always been to aim high and deliver quality products to our clients. We take pride in saying that since 1979 when we began operating our first roasting plant in Diano d’Alba in the heart of the Langhe hills, we have been manufacturing simply superior coffee. While our skills have evolved, the passion that drove us then continues to shape our work today, so that even in consideration of contemporary market trends, we continue to satisfy discerning clients.

We produce 600 tons of coffee each year, the equivalent of 84 million espressos, and have had an annual growth of between 10-12% in the last three years, in line with our turnover. As our group continues to grow day by day through the branches of Rossini, Lab La Brasilera, and Coffee Import, we venture to reach the five continents with the aroma of our coffee.

We deal in coffee: coffee in beans, ground or in pods, both small and large quantities, under our own brand or under private label, even offering the possibility to create your very own coffee blend. The solutions we offer are numerous, equally numerous are the innovative ideas we develop each and every day, in a bid to provide an increasingly comprehensive service to our customers.

Our Products


Our roaster was purchased in 2018 together with the storage system: the capacity is 180 kg per cycle (lasting 14-17 minutes). The burner flames do not come into direct contact with the product, to preserve it and prevent it from burning. The heat arrives from the combustion chamber and enters the drum from above to then escape from the bottom, so as to completely pass through the drum and toast the beans in a homogeneous and constant manner.



Our ground packaging machine allows us to produce many of the "classic" formats available on the market, with the possibility of adapting the packaging to pre-formed packages with or without a valve and even under vacuum. Let's start with the 100 g package , rising to 250 g and reaching up to the 500 g one. The customer can also request different types of grinding, for example for Moka or American ground coffee.



Our pods are produced in the filter of paper, format ESE 44 mm. We carry out continuous weight and grain size checks for perfect grinding. Packaged in a protective atmosphere to preserve their properties, our pods can be produced with a customizable pack thanks to the printers we are equipped with.


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